I’m an artist who didn’t figure out that I needed to be an artist till far too late in life. BioPic1-1024x682

From a fairly young age, I was involved in drawing and art, but never really saw it as a career. In my early teens, I discovered music, and was convinced that drums would take me where I wanted to go. While this impulse has never left me, I instead began a career in journalism in 2002 after graduating with a BA in Communications from Azusa Pacific University. After a few years, writing for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune proved to be less fulfilling than I had hoped.

Shortly after quitting that job, I jumped on a cruise ship to play music for about six or seven years. That, of course, also got old. But I fortunately had a lot of down time while working on ships, and in that time I reconnected with art – this time utilizing Photoshop and Flash. I quickly began to learn all I could about as many practical software applications that I could get my hands on. It was then that I decided to go back to school for graphic design.

After leaving cruise ship life in 2012, I went back to Azusa Pacific University to get a BA in Graphic Design. Since graduating in 2014, I’ve had the chance to be an intern and full time employee at companies that specialize in advertising, branding, visual effects, retail and packaging. I feel I’ve had a lot of experiences in a short time that make my abilities very versatile, and am always looking to learn something new.